Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fifth Annual Internship Panel Provides Encouragement

The 2013 Internship Panel drew an audience of around 40 Communication students on Friday, Sept. 27, to the Ringhaver Student Center.
From left, Quillian, Epitropoulos, Lutz, Mortenson and Goh.
The five panelists spoke about how they found their internships and what the application processes were like, as well as about what they learned during their internships and how their experiences either confirmed or changed their career plans. Last summer, Journalism and Media Production students Alexa Epitropoulos and Kathleen Quillian interned at WJXT-TV in Jacksonville, Fla., and at CNN in Atlanta, Ga., respectively. Public Relations students Lois Goh and Alexis Mortenson completed The Fund for American Studies Institute on Political Journalism in Washington, D.C., a part of which had them interning at kglobal. Katie Lutz, who has concentrations in both Journalism and Public Relations, interned at Merlin Media in Chicago, Ill.

The lively discussion had both the panelists and the audience in smiles, and judging by the feedback, Epitropoulos, Goh, Lutz, Mortenson and Quillian gave many Communications students the encouragement they need to apply for prestigious internships.

The annual internship panels, which started in 2009, are now an important part of promoting professionalism in the Communication Department -it is considered an honor to be invited to one of the panels.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Flagler's IPJ Interns in the News

Within the last month, the Communication Department's 2013 Institute on Political Journalism interns have attracted some well-deserved media attention twice, first by the Flagler College Office of News and Information, and then by The St. Augustine Record. Looking forward to hearing from these young professionals during the SPJ Internship Panel in the fall!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Becoming Professionals and Looking the Part

From left, Lois Goh, Darq Neimark, Daniel Arbelaez, Abby Meyers and Alexis Mortenson in Washington, D.C.
Newsflash from Washington, D.C.!

Lois Goh and Alexis Mortenson are working hard and love interning at k-global on projects that for example include the Jordan D.C. embassy and Bitcoin, an open source P2P digital currency. They report being well prepared for their internship duties by the Flagler College Communication Department, and have also been able to contribute more lighthearted fare for the k-global blog on topics as varied as interning in D.C. on a budget and what exactly is a social media guru by Mortenson, and on deciding how much information to share online and mole crickets by Goh.

Abby Meyers, who is interning at CRC Public Relations, is a part of a team that works with the Media Research Center, a conservative organization whose mission is to uncover liberal bias in the media, among other things. Meyers reports that interning at CRC is truly teaching her what it means to represent a client, and she is also enjoying being part of the IPJ mentor program.

In addition to their internship duties and classes at George Mason University, Goh, Mortenson, Meyers and Darq Neimark, who is also interning at CRC, had time a few weeks ago for a photo with Daniel Arbelaez, another Flagler student interning in D.C. through The Fund for American Studies as well. The Communication Department couldn't be prouder of this group of ambitious, professional young women!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Pinyot's Summer of Social Change

Junior SPJ member Catherine Pinyot is the summer 2013 public relations and graphic design intern for the Crealdè School of Art in beautiful Winter Park, Fla.

Crealdè's mission is to use visual arts to provide outreach, foster cultural diversity and preserve cultural history and understanding through summer art camps for children, Neighborhood Pride mural projects and a fellowship program for emerging young artists, just to name a few. In 2007, Crealdè, in partnership with the Hannibal Square community and the City of Winter Park, established the Hannibal Square Heritage Center as a tribute to this historic Winter Park African-American community.

How wonderful to have one of our SPJ members to devote her summer to such important social programs -looking forward to hearing about Pinyot's experiences in the non-profit sector on the 2013 SPJ Internship Panel in the fall!

Goodman's Way West

Senior SPJ member Ashley Goodman will spend the summer in Seaside, Cali., as a reporter intern for Monterey County Weekly.

What makes the rest of us so envious? As most Californians, the Weekly is much hipper than many of its counterparts -a newspaper with solar panels on the roof of its offices? Yes, that's the Weekly, providing local, independent journalism to such beautiful places as Big Sur, Pebble Beach and Carmel, Cali.

Looking forward to Goodman sharing her California dreams on the 2013 SPJ Internship Panel in the fall!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Have a lovely summer!

Some SPJ members are already in summer classes, others are getting ready for their internships... Those of you with summer internships, please e-mail the details, with your professional photo, to Dr. Sarkio so that they can be included on this blog! (Ashley, please send a photo!)

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing this summer, hope it is a lovely one so you can return to campus in the fall refreshed and ready to pursue both your academic and professional goals!

Flagler Communication Majors Take on D.C.

From left, Alexa Epitropoulos, Abby Meyers, Darq Neimar, Alexis Mortenson and Lois Goh.
Two incoming SPJ officers, vice president Alexa Epitropoulos and treasurer Darq Neimark, have been accepted into the Fund for American Studies 2013 Institute on Political Journalism in Washington, D.C.

Next month, Epitropoulos and Neimark will be joined by Flagler communication majors Lois Goh, Abby Meyers and Alexis Mortenson in the program that has them interning at various news outlets and public relations agencies in the nation's capital during the day, and taking courses at George Mason University at night. While living in the heart of D.C., Epitropoulos, Goh, Meyers, Mortenson and Neimark will also experience guest lectures and panel discussions by leading media professionals, site briefings at D.C. institutions and social events with the other 80 students from around the country and the world accepted into the program this summer. The IPJ interns also have access to professional development seminars, networking events and a mentor program.

After a rigorous application process, Epitropoulos, Goh, Meyers, Mortenson and Neimark were awarded over $14,000 in scholarship money to attend IPJ and received the following internship placements:
Congratulations to all five on both being accepted and receiving scholarships to IPJ -this calls for a special IPJ Internship Panel for the fall, as this is the largest Flagler contingency in the program's history!